Dodgers Mookie Bets Fifth Straight Gold Glove Winners Title

Then Mookie Bets With two home run robberies and a key catch on the sinking liner in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series – a spectacular play made after a spectacular game the following season – it is no surprise that the Bets are the National League Gold Glove winner. To the right field. In his first season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Bets won his fifth consecutive Gold Glove Award after winning four with the Boston Red Sox.

Although post-season play was not the reason for the awards, Bets’ capture Donsby Swanson Line drive could have saved the game in the third inning – and the Dodgers season. The Braves, who led the series 3-1, took a 2-0 lead with runners-up in second and third place, and were one out when the Bates made their take. Marcel Hosuna The third site was initially rejected as abandoned. The catch kept the game close, and the Dodgers won 7-3.

“Incredible play by an incredible player in a big moment,” the team player Corey Caesar Said after that game. “You have to win baseball games this year.”

Bets finished third among all players, 11 defensive runs saved and equalized Byrne Buxton And Nolan only trailed Arinado’s 15 and Joey Gallo’s 12. Arinado won his eighth consecutive Golden Glove on the third floor, matching all eight seasons he has played in the Majors. Gallo is known for his amazing home runs, but he got his first gold glove after going to the right field on a full-time basis for the first time in his career.

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This year’s Gold Gloves were based on a set of defensive measurements known as the SABR Defensive Table, which integrates several methods for statistically evaluating defensive performance. Due to the MLP’s regional schedule for this season, managers and coaches generally do not vote on a portion of the finals.

Other repeat winners:

In the National League, Cubs is the first paceman Anthony Risso (Fourth overall) and second paceman Molten man Winners of the Cardinals (second overall). The Cardinals did not pick up Wongkin.5 12.5 million team option in 2021, so he takes his gold glove to the free company. Reds catcher Tucker Bornheart He also won his second gold glove after winning in 2017.

Rizo said it would be “definitely good” to receive the honor for the third year in a row following the infection-reduced season.

“I think this year and everything that every team has to go through will be a growing year for a lot of people, including me,” Rizo said at the 10th Rawlings Gold Glove Awards broadcast by ESPN. “So I will never take it for granted that a gold glove can win.”

In the American League, Indians are the catchers Roberto Perez Won his second straight, and left the Royals fielder Alex Gordon Won the fourth in a row and the eighth of his career. Gordon, who announced his retirement in September, will become the sixth player to win the Golden Glove in his final season, joining pitchers Greg Mathews, Mike Mucina and Bobby Sands, offfielder Roberto Clemente and first paceman Wes Parker. Gordon ends his career as one of the best defensive left fielders of all time. In terms of total zonal fielding runs, as a pre-1953 defensive measure, Gordon only saves Barry Bonds and Carl Yastershemsky on career runs.

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“This is the perfect pension for going out,” Gordon told ESPN, saying winning eight gold gloves was something he could not have expected, but he feels “very lucky it happened”.

White Sox Center Fielder Louis Robert Won Buxton, and was the Marines first paceman Evan White Nodes are a two-time winner Matt Olson, The pair became the first rookie winners in 2013 after Arinado. Cub shortcut Javier BaseNamed the Fielding Guide, he fought for the plate in 2020, but won his first gold glove by beating Swanson, who led all the shortcuts in the DRS.

Gordon, the second paceman of the Indians Caesar Hernandez, White and Wong received 18,519 bonuses, pro 50,000 rated areas. Arinado and Robert earned $ 9,259, leaving areas valued at $ 25,000 and St. Louis Fielder Tyler O’Neill 70 earned 3,704, which is an estimated portion of $ 10,000.

Perez’s 2021 salary increased from $ 250,000 to $ 5.75 million, and Bournehart’s from $ 250,000 to $ 4 million.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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