Maduro “Apologizes” for Chavismo's Greed, Nicolasito Wears Over $1,400 in Shoes (VIDEO)

Video recording

Nicolás Maduro attended a meeting to apologize for the greed within his government, however, the scene quickly turned into controversy when his son Nicolás Maduro Guevara wore Louis Vuitton shoes worth more than $1,400, an amount roughly equivalent to 473. Old age pensions in Venezuela.


The discrepancy did not go unnoticed. In a country where the majority of citizens are facing a devastating economic crisis, with salaries barely enough to meet basic needs, the extravagant luxury displayed by the presidential family is a direct insult. While Maduro talks about humility and reform, his actions have been the opposite.

The iconic luxury shoes of the Louis Vuitton brand, known for its high-quality products, stand in stark contrast to the reality of millions of Venezuelans. The contradiction has created a wave of anger on social networks and among critics of the government, who see the actions as further evidence of a disconnect between the ruling elite and the Venezuelan people.

In a country besieged by poverty and inflation, the display of luxury goods by officials and their families is not only a display of bad taste, but also a violation of the fundamental principles of equality and social justice that Maduro claims to protect. The mismatch between news and reality highlights a deepening chasm that continues to widen, fueling suspicion and mistrust among Venezuelans.

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