What happens if Seco Perez wins the Mexican Grand Prix?

We offer some imaginary scenarios for the future of Formula 1 season depending on the outcome of the race; All F1 is on Star +, subscribe here

This Sunday Czech Perez To become the first Mexican to reach the stage in history Grand Prix of Mexico, Surpassed fourth place Pedro Rodriguez In 1968, but based on the results he has received this season, it is unreasonable to think that he will finish with first place, even if he starts from fourth.

Considering this opportunity, I decided to explore different hypothetical scenarios for the future of Formula 1 season, thinking about the success of Seko Perez and other major characters of that genre: Max Verstappen And Lewis Hamilton.

Note: Assume that these shots are not dropped.

What will happen if Seco Perez wins?

There are only four races left on the calendar after Mexico, so winning in Mexico will not give him a chance to win the driving championship, which was turned down at the United States Grand Prix. With 150 points, Seko would like to add 133 points for the rest of the season (winning all races, winning the fastest lap in each, and winning the next class. Sprint), Which would be more than the units Hamilton currently owns but would not reach his partner Verstappen (187.5).

However, Lando Norris is battling hard to retain his current fourth spot, while Mercedes’ Valteri Potas are third with 185 points, so a win in Mexico would help Czecho move closer to first place. Position in the world of pilots.

It will be historically significant because a Mexican has never won two major prizes in a single season, and he is the most successful Rodriguez (South Africa 1967 and Belgium 1970) Mexican category.

Unfortunately, a Czech victory does not really affect the final outcome of the drivers ‘championship, although the story at the Constructors’ Championship may have been different, as we shall see later.

What if Max Verstappen wins?

Verstappen currently leads the championship with a 12-point lead over Hamilton, so a win in Mexico would take him at least 5 points from Britain.

Each win in Formula 1 gives the winner 25 points, 19 to the second, 15 to the third, 12 to the fourth, and pilots can earn 1 extra point on the fast lap until they finish within the points zone. Is, the first 10 places to be calculated.

If Verstappen wins and Hamilton takes second place in the fast lap, the Dutchman will reach 312.5 to 295.5 behind the seven-time champion. At this point in the championship, 17 points is a significant advantage and you can start the draw in your favor.

Of the remaining four races in the championship, Verstappen won the most recent edition in two (Brazil and Abu Dhabi), the other two debut rounds (Saudi Arabia and Qatar).

What if Red Bull wins 1-2?

Mercedes is leading the Constructors’ Championship with 460.5 points through Red Bull’s 437.5, so the Austrian team will be allowed to reduce 17 units by 1-2, i.e. Red Bull will reach 481.5 by Mercedes 487.5 (if they finish 3) -4), with one extra point in the fast lap. With the probability of adding.

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Red Bull will be in second place, but very close to changing the championship at any time.

What if Lewis Hamilton wins?

Seven-time champion Verstappen is 12 points behind, and if he wins the race in Mexico City, he can reduce that distance to five points, and if he makes the fastest fold, the British will get 301.5 points and the Dutch 306.5 points. .

There are four races, with five units being the achievable difference, although in those two rounds (Brazil and Abu Dhabi), the most recent wins went to Verstappen.

According to Hamilton, not only will he continue to add, but he will be better than Verstappen in the classification, and the Mexican Grand Prix should be a turning point for Britain if they want to retain their crown again.

What happens if Mercedes 1-2?

If Mercedes wins 1-2, it will be a blow to the table, as Hamilton will be out of the lead at the Constructors’ Championship, 2 points behind Verstappen. Higher than third place (15 points, which reaches 302.5).

With this decision, Mercedes will reach 504.5 points in the championship, while Red Bull will reach just 464.5 (assuming they finish 3-4), which means it will practically equalize the Constructors’ Championship for the eighth year in a row.

What do you think is the most likely scenario at the Mexican Grand Prix?

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