How to buy iPhone 15 Pro in US from Latin America?

Bloomberg Line – Apple Inc. to unveil new iPhone 15 models (AAPL) made the announcement Tuesday at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Aesthetic changes and technical upgrades Lovers of the brand can enjoy in the coming days.

The company has mentioned that the pre-sale of its new cell phones will be enabled from September 15. On the 22nd of the same month it can be bought in physical stores From a good part of the world.

Implemented models iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. In the latter, in the highest quality, the main difference is in the power of the cameras, in which the connection is designed Gamers and the use of titanium sides instead of the stainless steel used since the iPhone X. All models have one major change: the charging and data port switches from Lightning to USB-C.

How to buy an iPhone in the US and bring it to Latin America?

Buying new Apple products in the US is a current preference for Latin Americans Sometimes you can access better prices compared to prices implemented in your country of originAnd for a wide range of devices.

The first thing to remember is that the credit card being used is activated with the required capacity for international purchases. In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is the most expensive on offer and starts at US$1,199 (256GB), the person needs to have a higher allowance to include tax and shipping costs.

“Review your order and click ‘Guest Checkout’ (do not select the Apple ID option even if you have this account). Enter shipping information. If you buy from another country, Here you need to enter your international locker details (Provided by you Courier of import) or the data of your friend or family member whose products arrive in the US”, mentions a special page called Android Jeff.

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Lockers is one of the most used sources for purchases by Latinos in the United States An intermediary company is used which receives the product and sends it to the country of purchase, A certain fee is charged.

For the United States, reference prices and new cell phones will be sold: iPhone 15 starts at US$799 (128GB), iPhone 15 plus starts at US$899 (128GB), while iPhone 15 Pro starts at US$999 (128GB) and iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at US$1,199 (256GB).

Brazil and Mexico can now pre-order the iPhone 15

Late on Tuesday, and after ‘Wonderlust’, the company released local prices for the new cell phone line in some markets, including Brazil and Mexico, with pre-sales starting on September 15.

In Brazil, The base iPhone 15 (128GB) starts at R$7,299 (US$1,475). One of the highest and most expensive offered by the technology company, iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB) starts at R$10,999 (US$2,222).

For his part, in Mexico, iPhone 15 (128GB) will be priced at MXN$19,499 (US$1,131)And this iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB) will be sold From US$28,999 (US$1,683).

Turn on an iPhone purchased in the US

Apple said on its website that a user can activate an iPhone model purchased in the United States with more than 400 carriers in 100 markets around the world that support eSIM on the iPhone.

For this, To make sure the cellular data plan supports eSIM, the person should contact the carrier and check the iPhone’s cellular band compatibility by country. “Many international service providers also offer prepaid eSIM data plans for long-term use in countries and regions around the world,” it noted.

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