That’s what Ellie De La Cruz hit with Cincinnati in MLB 2023

If you want to know ¿What is the salary? Ellie Dela Cruz In his first season in the MLB Cincinnati Reds? How much can you earn? Ellie Dela Cruz? What’s the deal Ellie de la Cruz?, you are at the right place.

First, who Ellie de la Cruz?

One of the things that stands out the most on a major league trip Ellie Cross, his impressive base running ability. His pace still gives a lot to talk about.

Among the Dominican’s many memorable moments in the area, the highlight was being able to go from house to house. 15.3 seconds. It was the fastest since records were kept in the era Statcast.

His offensive campaign has been within the expected parameters. In 340 at-bats, he totaled 80 hits, 59 runs, 11 home runs, 36 RBI, 36 stolen bases, a .235 average, a .298 OBP and a .707 OPS.

Predictions related to his career will turn out to be a completely positive situation. Off Ellie Cross Unparalleled and extraordinary achievements are expected, which undoubtedly assures an absolutely promising future for the Dominican. This is rewarded if we go to the economic status of the player.

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Ellie de la Cruz and his salary with the Cincinnati Reds

However, it should be noted that his salary was changed to $452,907 as a result of his promotion to the Major Leagues so late in the season.

All this does not prevent the Dominican from being on the verge of a multi-million dollar contract, he has the tools and his youth, commitment and, above all, his health.

At just 21 years old, Ellie Dela Cruz He has a long way to go and is full of great opportunities that will lead him to the top of the podium. Major League Baseball.

All that’s left is to continue to enjoy the amazing spectacle he gives us every day, and at the same time visualize the infinite doors that will begin to open for him once he arrives at the best baseball in the world.

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