How and when to watch Haley’s meteor shower

Etta Aquarius meteor showers can be seen between April 19 and May 28 each year, but these days, Today is the best time to take care of them, Just after midnight, when the moon sets and makes its way into the sky.

Rainfall from these stars is best seen in the southern hemisphere and in tropical regions such as the Canary Islands, although they are also found in the northern hemisphere. Eta Aquarids The Orionite meteor shower that occurs in October comes from Haley’s comet.

Both occur every year when the earth passes through a ring Populated by fragments separated from the comet, during its long journey, it decomposes, leaving tiny metal particles passing through the atmosphere and becoming stars that we see.

Halley’s Comet, discovered by Edmund Halley (1656-1742), is undoubtedly one of the most famous celestial objects in history, and thanks to its orbit around the sun, Every 76 years we can see it with the naked eye.

The last was in 1986, and the next time in 2061, this old introduction from astronomical history will meet us again.

Eta Aquariid meteorites have an activity rate between 40 and 85 meteorites According to data from the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN), the maximum speed is about 66 kilometers per second.

At 40 ยบ north of our latitude, meteor showers appear to be the only focal point, and from this point all shooting stars appear and are called “Ray”.

The location of that radiation is used to name the meteor shower, so that the Etta aquarists have their radiation in the Eta star in the Aquarius galaxy.

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This year will be the perfect year to take care of Eta AquariusBecause the crescent of the moon will allow you to see the meteor shower.

To do this, you need to find a place away from obstacles that are difficult to see, such as buildings, trees or mountains, and away from light pollution. No need to use optical tools.

Although Eta Aquarius appears to come from the constellation Aquarius, they are found everywhere in the sky.

Observing when the moon is present, it is convenient to direct the view towards the dark areas, in the opposite direction to the position of the moon. “It’s so comfortable waiting for your eyes to get used to the darkness”NAO advises.

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