The United States and Cruise Azul will play at Asulgrana Stadium from 2023.

Mexico City /

The Aztec Ground Subject to a depth Redesign In case World Cup 2026 Mexico is one of three countries that co-operate with the United States and Canada. I.e. USA and Cruise AzulThe two clubs that play weekly in the Colossus are looking for alternatives and are going to be officialized Azul Kirana Ground Temporary Stadium.

Twice the “cat’s hand” was planned inside and outside the World Cup building, as well as a hotel and a shopping center built on neighboring land – they already were. Guessed for Gianni Infantino by Emilio AscaragaFIFA President, The The urgency of Aquilas and Symendros is to find a temporary ground He has detailed them to confirm Azulgrana of Atlanta As the recipient of them.

It is not closed, but it is much improved. The deal is likely to expire next week. ” Confirmed a source at half timeDescribes what it will look like: “Contract for two years from Clausura 2023”That is, from January next year, with an estimated two years of work at the Azteca, Jon de Louisa recently commented.

That was explained by the same informant The negotiation consisted of four parts Related: The The Kosio family Who owns the property, The Atlantic As a team that continues to play there, and USA and Cruise Azul As such, those involved remember Between 1996 and 2018 the elaborate past of the machine known as the Blue Stadium was played In your shelter.

The benefit that Atlantean can get by sharing Azulgrana

While the Iron Golds appear to be at a disadvantage in this deal, sharing the field with two top call groups now and the mistreatment of the grass vulnerable, the truth is Atlante may benefit from thinking about advertising certification for the Liga MX.

The United States and Cruz Azul, the most popular in Mexico, will move to a stadium in the expansion league for two years.Remember that Foles has already submitted the documents for certification And they were accepted. They are currently in the process of evaluating a final solution that could positively affect this issue.

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