Hitler explodes before being recorded

A Election parody This Sunday in Cuba, an independent graphic comic release cheers He recreated a scene from the small screen SummarizeHitler reacts to the election results and explodes with rage when he learns of the failure to register.

“The enemy set up another media campaign. Again asking people not to vote. A Next generation unconventional warfare. “They told the people that Díaz-Canel wouldn’t return from the tour,” one commander tells the Nazi leader – who resembles Raúl Castro. Summarize Parodied by a humorous publication of independent media touchingShared on This Monday instagram.

Record of non-voters in municipal elections in Cuba Hitler is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. “Imagine his reaction to find out that all this happened in front of the eyes of his ‘commanding officers’ who underestimated the anti-referendum campaign,” are the words of the presentation on Instagram of part of the film.

But I thought it was the principal Bruno Rodriguez will face the campaign The commanders told him that the “enemy”, in Bruno’s words, had “not made a dent” in the revolution by these measures, which infuriated the Führer.

In his anger, in a tense conversation between the Nazi leader and his henchmen –Miguel Diaz-Canel, Gerardo Hernandez and Manuel Marrero Cruz– The German (Raul Castro) berates his subordinates, calling them an “extraordinary group,” “incompetent,” telling Díaz-Canel to “hit the line,” and complaining that Liz Cuesta made a fool of them.

Based on the premise that Cuba is under the command of a dictator, the parody uses Oliver Hirschbiegel’s iconic film set inside Hitler’s bunker in Berlin in the last days of his life.

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In a scene where the film’s original subtitles are falsified, the man recalls the case where he voted to use the Führer’s reaction upon learning of his military defeat. Family code There were so many Cubans who didn’t go to the polls, and the same number canceled their ballots, that he exploded with rage.

A scene popularly known as the “Hitler reaction”. It is widely used to parody all kinds of situations, always creating a humorous effect.

In cheersThe curator of this hilarious piece, which brings together the main figures of the Cuban regime, is several graphic artists who have created the companion for more than three years. Xel2 –Ramses, Fabian, and Lasan—and many others, such as Garincha, Herbert, and Danilo—to promote graphic humor and satire in independent Cuban digital magazines.

This is not the first time that Cuban artists have satirized Cuban leaders, official media anchors, or the country’s crisis.

Cuban comedian Aleanis Jáuregui is well known cuqui la mora, “picked up” and “threw away” Governor Miguel Díaz-Canel and official spokesman Humberto Lopez pretend to be crawling insects in two video montages. In a clip that takes place on the patio of the comedian’s house, Humberto tries to denigrate the peaceful protests, the mop cookie, drags him to his broom and throws him into the dust.

Then he cleans the place where the “error” is located several times: throw bleach, rinse, pour soap, scrub and pour water on top.

Recently, Cuban reggaeton Luis Alberto Wiset, also known as La Crema, Emiliano Juleta’s Vallinato premiered as a parody of La Cota Fria, where he took a critical look at the Cuban exodus from comedy. La Crema took the melody of this popular musical theme and adapted the lyrics to decry the hardships Cubans go through to escape poverty and blackouts in Cuba.

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