Iran: World Cup players could go to jail if they lose to USA

A Despite best efforts Players and coaches It must be emphasized that Only one football game in the World Cup Not just another battlefield where ideologies and government collide, but a game between America and Iran It is highly politicized.

According to reports, Iranian soldiers They were threatened Before the match Hurting their families Due to his protests against the regime, by refusing to sing his national anthem during his World Cup debut against England in Qatar.

threats Torture and imprisonment of their familiesIt clearly increased the pressure on the players, who despite that gave an incredible performance in the match.

Iranian soldiers who lose to the US can be jailed

Now that’s Iran Officially eliminated against the United States In a match where two out of three possible outcomes gave him a ticket to the round of 16, Reports of potential consequences are emerging They are waiting for the team in their country of birth, especially after they protested the regime in their first game by not singing the national anthem.

Iranian soldiers They sang the national anthem Before their match against USA.

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz praised his players

Iran national team coach, Carlos Queiroz of Portugal, He praised the toughness and ability of his players To handle the extra pressure given to them During this World Cup, his home country is going through difficult political times.

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