Zoe Saldana tells Francisca: “I’m so proud of you”

Francisca fulfills her dream of meeting Zoe Saldana.

Photo: Jose de Villegas / Univision

“I’m so proud of you… I want to see you and I love everything you do”… who says all this Francisca Mendes-Zambogna? The ‘Despierta America’ host is nothing more than a dream actress. Zoe Saldana.

Invited to the Univision Morning Show to promote the premiere of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, The actress with Dominican roots did not imagine what she was going to experience, and she will make one of the hosts of the show cry with joy.

Francisca has publicly stated on more than one occasion that her dream is to meet Zoe Saldanahis countryman, The celebrity who unknowingly mentored her, inspired her and admired her so muchIn addition to the identified sense.

That day came, this Tuesday, November 29, when Joe was invited to the show, but before meeting him live, Her boss, executive producer and vice president Luz Maria Doria, took her by the hand and led her to the actress’s dressing room..

Francisca He knocked on the door before a loud promise: “I will cry”, and he fulfilled it!… As soon as he saw her he could not hold back the tears, and even more so when While hugging her, Saldana repeated in English: “I’m so proud of you.”.

But not only that, When Joe tells her not to cry, Francesca admits that she likes everything she did and asks how old Genaro is. And if he had learned to speak Italian.

Already somewhat recovered, but still with tears in her eyes, Francisca asked Joe a question: “One can reflect a lot about you, we love the story of where you came from, how does one achieve the things you have achieved?“…

Whatever you do, wherever I go, I am my mother’s daughter and my grandmother’s granddaughter. All the time all the time. I represent the legacy of mothers who have brought me here today., point. Wherever I go and whatever challenge I face, it’s like that. Because I also come from a very simple family but very rich in education, culture and class. That is what I always maintain”, he replied.

once again, Francesca didn’t want to avoid embracing her, she didn’t want to let that moment into her heart.It was beyond his wildest dreams.

Of course, Saldana was later interviewed by Francisca, Carla Martinez and Jessica Rodriguez. Chef Jesus made him a Dominican breakfast And there was even bachata.

As we said a few days agoIt’s these kinds of stories that make ‘Desperta America’ a favorite show among Latinos in America., Because it doesn’t just give the public what they want It also fulfills the dreams of the people in the house and those who receive it is yours.

Watch the meeting moment between Joe Saldava and Francisca:

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