Is OJ Simpson the father of a member of the Kardashian clan? This is known

There were several scandals involving the former NFL football player, OJ SimpsonHe died of prostate cancer on April 10. In 1994 he was charged with the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman., was later found not guilty. A defense of innocence was directed at them Rob Kardashian, It is said that from that moment the famous American family gained strength in the world of entertainment.

Thanks to his closeness with Rob and Kris and his famous daughters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé, the actor managed to avoid a life sentence, and they are the protagonists of that beautiful friendship that dates back to the 60s. , not all is rosy as the news comes after several years A possible relationship between OJ and one of the Kardashians.

Is OJ Simpson Chloe's father?

In 2013, the woman who was Robert Kardashian's wife when he died in 2003 sold some pieces of the lawyer's personal diary and in an interview It turns out that he is not Chloe's biological father. In 2018, the rumor got stronger when the celebrity revealed that she had taken a DNA test to trace her ancestry.

The results show that it is 58% European and 41% Middle Eastern.Since Robert was of Armenian descent, that means Robert was his father. A year later, Simpson took action on the matter discussed and made it clear through his social networks that he is not Khloé's father and that Kris never had an extramarital relationship with him.

“I never asserted that, in any way, I was ever interested in Kris… romantically or sexually. And I never got any indication that she was interested in me. So these stories are simple. False, malicious, tasteless.”, sentenced. Similarly, in one of X's posts, he texted: “Like all girls, I'm very proud of Khloe and I know what Bob would be like if he was here. But the simple fact is she's not mine.

His close friendship with the Kardashians

Communication between the two families began Robert Kardashian, met OJ in 1967 when he was part of the University of Southern California football team. Later, they met to play tennis at a mutual friend's house.

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Both developed friendship and did many businesses. Due to their close relationship, they started mixing their families Rob is married to Kristen Marie aka Kris Jenner. The ex-footballer did the same with “Mamajor's” best friend, Nicole BrownAfter finalizing his divorce with Marguerite.

Being complicit, they would go on vacations together The Kardashian siblings referred to them as “Uncle OJ” and “Aunt Nicole.” As Kim himself announced. However, the whole fantasy was shattered when Kardashian and Kris divorced in 1991, and a year later, Simpson and Brown divorced.

In 1994 this famous family began to be heard in America, After Robert became OJ Simpson's lawyer He was accused of murdering Nicole and Goldman and passed on his knowledge as Kardashian believed in his innocence. For his part, Chris differed from this version and supported Brown's family, indicating a breakdown in the relationship.

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