Eugenio Derpes informs the restaurant that he found a mouse; And so it happened | Photo

Mexican comedian and actor Eugenio Terpes Reported on his social networks where the restaurant is Was able to catch a mouse While eating his dinner. In addition, the way he responded when he saw the rodent surprised Netizens.

What happened to the rodent?

Through a video on his official account Instagram, The producer also shared with his nearly 17 million followers the perfect moment when a mouse walked very close to where he was eating.

In the pictures you can see part of the table where Derbes dined and in front, through a window, you can see a very quiet gray rodent around the restaurant.

“I got an unexpected party guest,” the comedian wrote in his post.

Similarly, the actor tried to get the mouse’s attention with some sounds in the video, promising that it was “beautiful” and asking his followers “How did they look?” Situation.

Users reaction, which restaurant?

For its part, Users on social networks were amazed at how they took the Derbes situationBecause, in general many people will be scared or hated. However, the comedian took it with a lot of humor.

“I yelled 2 times, it’s only a video”, “Iuuuuuu, I’m dying”, “He’s a little chef at Raddoil xD” and “He’s cute, take him home”, some comments.

However, so far the actor has not revealed what that restaurant is, but it is not in Mexico City as it is currently in the United States.

“CODA”, his new product

The new product that the Mexican is participating in is “CODA”, an American play written and directed by Sean Header. In addition, it is a remake of the French movie “La Familia Belier”.

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However, the new film will hit theaters in Mexico on September 23rd and through the Apple platform.


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