They issued another arrest warrant against Catalino Miranda – Diario La Pagina

Catalino Miranda, the bus entrepreneur, received a new arrest warrant (the third) against him this Thursday, for the crime of using and possessing false documents. This was reported by the Attorney General's Office of the Republic.

Jose Bralio Miranda Arteaga and Jose Adalberto Segovia Escamilla were accused along with Miranda. The latter has been charged with using and possessing false documents.

The transport businessman has already been detained and two others were nabbed in the last few hours. According to investigations, the defendants falsified a mortgage cancellation document for $1,800,000.00 dollars to avoid paying the debt.. The first document was issued to the Center for National Registration (CNR) to release the two mortgaged properties. At that time, they would have falsified another document and submitted it to the Deputy Ministry of Transport to release the 79 buses registered as mortgages against the purchased loan.

Catalino Miranda is in prison after being convicted of two other crimes, and although his sentence was vacated, he has not yet been released from prison pending trial for ideological perjury.

On March 12, 2022, the businessman was arrested for the offenses of overselling, protest and public disorder.

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