Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joana Vega-Bistro have a discussion at Sal El Sol: “Go to work”

  • Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joana Vega-Bistro made up the words in the middle of a live performance.
  • Gustavo Adolfo accused Joana of defaming him.
  • Joana defended herself, and the Times and Tyrants were up in arms until Ana María Alvarado was the mediator in the debate that broke out.

This morning at ‘Sale el Sol’, Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joana Vega-Bistro They had a hot one Discussion Full Live project.

This happened when the journalist complained to Jonah Anna Maria Alvarado To ‘insult him’ and made the following comment, “I already don’t like the fact that they always discredit my work”, as Giovanni made a reference to Medina when it was mentioned that he wanted to go out with Sherlyn, the journalist received. A message from Ninel Conde’s ex to clarify the situation and ask him to make it clear that they only have a good friendship.

Jonah pointed out that he wasn’t going to defend the celebrities because they’ve gotten along with him and said “nobody changed (his words),” while Coffey added, “And then he already wants to mark the editorial line. A plan, Mr.”; However, these words of his classmates, Gustavo burst out and said, “Many times I have evidence, you don’t, sorry, don’t be sad, I have evidence that you never have. Reality.”

Gustavo Adolfo continued, yesterday his guys came to him for a reference on Yolanda Andrade and asked him to “work” “Yesterday I cut something exclusive with Yolanda Andrade, you go straight to her for the jugular, get to work! Take your notes… here I am working exclusively, It’s true”.

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Then Ana Maria refused, saying, “Yes, we work as much or more than you,” and Joana added, “If it bothers you that we are objective, and if we express our opinion about a remark you have made, we are sorry (sorry). ‘The side I like. Not received” and indicated that they also had and were working on contacts to keep notes with Ana Maria.

Gustavo continues to defend his work, saying, “Here’s the truth, you always want to disparage, go to work. , already I don’t like them, nigga, they always disparage my work.”

Ana María then took over as mediator and tried to calm the situation, commenting, “It’s not the right place or way to say it… You don’t respect our opinions”, but Gustavo interrupts her and says, “Those who don’t respect you”.

The driver continued to respond to what Gustavo said, because she called them to resolve it, saying, “You always change it at your convenience, it’s not done in the air, it’s your fault.”

Gustavo went on to explain why his colleagues despise him, “Yesterday…seriously, it’s not possible, I started to analyze it, they started to defend Sergio Mayor against the mother who wants to protect her daughter, I don’t know. I don’t know what interest you have with the mayor, whether he gave you a job or gave you a job.

Ana Maria, denying that she had any interest in the mayor, replied, “After being allies for so long, I’m surprised that you aired this kind of claim because I don’t think it’s the right thing to do. I don’t behave like that. I respect your work, and you should respect ours, because They’re just opinions, we’re giving opinions here, we have a discussion table, I’ve discussed it with you, it’s not personal, it’s a discussion and we don’t all have to think like you, and I think that’s what we need to understand.

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Gustavo continued, “We don’t have to say the same thing, but the insult starting from Joana Vega-Bistro makes me very tired, so from now on I’m going to ask the company to remove me. This plan is for me or to remove Joana “.

For her part, Joanna wasn’t silent, “If we don’t think so, it doesn’t mean I’m insulting you… Oh, my God, you’re threatening me in the air? Ahh… Let’s see, Gustavo, if you want to go to your arguments. You’re talking about a mother. , it is not possible, we will not offend… and you threaten me in the air”.

Finally, Gustavo Adolfo commented, “No, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, because I don’t want to continue working with you” and Ana Maria ended the awkward moment by sending a commercial break, “Let’s see, I think we should all be quiet for a while, that is, to you. Your points are there… We are going to be professionals, but we are going to cut it and come back”, he concluded.

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