They polish La Chantría for plenty of pedestrian space

La Chantría is undergoing a major redesign in favor of pedestrians with the road raised for vehicles to be level with the sidewalks and marked as District 28, which always means pedestrians are favored and drivers move at a speed of at least 10 kilometers per hour. The large rectangle formed by Calle Señor de Bembibre, Fray Luis de León and Santos Olivera will become a kind of great pedestrian street connecting the parks of Chantre, Dos Hermanas and José Aguado.

The mayor, Jose Antonio Diez, estimates that the works will be completed within a month and a half after investing €200,000 from the city’s maintenance plan. A plan recently increased to five million. The sidewalks will have an intriguing printed concrete curb that will imitate wood. The council member noted that this action was very much needed by the neighbors and that he would have liked to start early, but a supply problem delayed the start of work. So the La Chantría neighborhood was renovated to reopen to pedestrians. The advisor also defended the work “from a safety standpoint, as it is an area of ​​high frequency, especially from a school standpoint, but also by older residents that require improvements in road safety,” he said. Ten traveled to the area with urban development consultant, Luis Miguel García Copte, to check on the progress of the work. The works will integrate sidewalks to raise the traffic lane to achieve a “semi-pedestrian zone such as Ordoño II or Calle Ancha, regulated by M-28 signals, which are residential areas where vehicular traffic is permitted but very close at low speed.”

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