Lack of space in the pits and field, another argument against the arrival of new teams

Existing Formula 1 teams continue to push for the grid not to be expanded to 11 or 12 teams, rather than the 10 that are currently in operation.

The arguments for the opposition are varied. In Miami, another player jumped: in some episodes there is no room for another team. They indicate the space in the pits and hospitality, so that an additional 100 people are in the ring, and the guests apart.

“If you look at Monaco Pete Lane or Zandvoort or any other circuit, where would you put a new team?” Domenicali admitted after Christian Horner raised the question at a press conference.

The main argument is economic, that is, the distribution of funds from commercial rights. Small teams fear that if two teams with strong support enter, they may be left out of the cast, which is now only among the top ten in the tournament. All teams fear that if they split by 12 instead of by 10, they will lose.

Smaller teams also fear that if there are two more teams involved, results could be worse, score more difficult goals and reduce their media space, making it more difficult to find sponsorship. Everyone fears that the value of the Formula 1 “franchise” will drop. The little ones think they will lose value for a virtual sale.

“Basically, the problems are the same as they were a year ago. What’s the incentive for current franchises to accept the XI? It’s like the turkeys vote for a Christmas party,” said Domenicali, wondering if “Liberty is ready for that.” giving up a portion of their winnings or the FIA ​​portion of their revenue to compensate existing teams for losses caused by the newcomer. He didn’t provide an answer, but it’s imaginable.

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It is curious that the teams and Liberty are talking more and more about ‘privilege’ to tackle this issue, although the key is the one held by the FIA, the sporting powerhouse…even if Liberty, which owns the commercial rights, does not present the entrant The new one signs the Concorde Charter…

As you can see, there is a complete mess in the making. Basically it boils down to one topic: who pays?

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