Espacio Emboca Horeca Restaurant Awards 2023

Empuka Space Send your suggestion to Zaragoza Restaurant Competition affiliate Horeca Awards 2023. A perfect plan to enjoy the best gastronomy of Zaragoza and the province is provided by Horeca Restaurantes Zaragoza.

In addition, coming to try their proposal, which combines traditional Mediterranean cuisine with an avant-garde touch, will no longer be an excuse. And you have until the next day July 2, the date on which the gastronomic event ends. Empuka space would be One of the 36 restaurants that will give flavor to Zaragoza throughout the month.



Emblema Emboca (Crispy Mini Croquettes with Oily Ham PDO)


Escalope in ceviche, sweet potato and cilantro

Potato gnocchi in a pastura-style aragonese lamb broth with egg yolk

Pyrenees beef marinated with citrus


Grilled sea bass taco, vizcaena, tomato vinaigrette and torrezo


Mature beef balls in juicy, purple paper and corn


Cocoa tiles, orange cream and optimistic ice cream

He drinks

Water and beer from Cervezas Ambar or Coca-Cola or DO Campo de Borja (Garnacha Centenaria Coto de Hayas red wine) or DO Somontano (Enate 234 white wine) / Coffee

bookings: You can now make a reservation and enjoy an unforgettable meal by calling 638 01 81 16 or send an email to [email protected]

Title: Paseo de la Noria, 3

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