Govind-19’s doctor victim: ‘I was not at fault in business, but in the country’

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- A few months after graduating as a doctor, Ivet Sarahi Zepeda (29) He died because of that destruction Govit-19 In your health.

Through his charisma and professionalism, he has helped many while doing his classic and hard work in his home country.

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However, for a few months anger and rage gripped the young professional, who saw how her comrades died and suffered because they did not have the materials needed to fight the deadly virus.


It was on April 22 this year that Zepeda shared a post on her Facebook account where she expressed her frustration and frustration at dealing with the epidemic. Honduras. In this message he quoted the President Juan Orlando Hernandez And to government officials, seeking divine forgiveness for the damage done “across the country.”

Taking a note as a message El Pas newspaper of Spain, Its title said “It has been 11 years since Honduras vaccinated its entire population“The doctor did not hesitate to express his dissatisfaction with the ‘report’.” In the meantime? Either Kovit kills us or we get normal immunity every 4 months, ”he questioned.

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Next, “How outrageous it is to be a doctor in the wrong country (it is) to experience the corruption of the Third World system, where the need for health is greater, and you are sicker than you were, to know that things will continue to happen.”

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Finally, he concluded on behalf of all health professionals by saying, “We are dealing with cowboys, we are falling victim to a vicious system:” I hope, President and Government Ministers, that God bless your actions and that you will regret the damage they have done to an entire country for so long. “

The body of Ivede Sarahi was transferred to the San Bhuvaneventura Municipality of Francisco Morasan, where his remains will rest.

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