Google Play Store: How to archive lightly used apps to save space

The virtual store allows you to hibernate programs that can take up a large portion of the cell phone’s internal storage space

A common problem is that a cell phone Whatever the deficiency Storage space Internal and the need to specify which files will be deleted from the device, whether they are Videos, the pictures, documents, etc. This can also affect performance The device becomes increasingly slower over time.

to solve this problem, Google Apps It will soon launch a new feature on its platform that allows users to archive those features Applications That are not used frequently and that take up space that could be better used to store other things Data. This way it can also be easier to update others Applications Which requires them to take up more space in Cell phone memory.

While this feature is activated automatically when the user does not access the application frequently, which makes… Google Play Store “It was for the sake of establishing a state.”Hibernation“Which saved some space. The new archiving function will allow users to choose which programs they want to suspend to save space they take up in the device’s memory. phone Or tablet.

According to reports published by the analyst known as “AssembleDebug“, the job is not only possible to integrate into it Google Play Store, but it is already included in the global version, but the feature is “dormant” waiting for the company to decide to launch it officially. What is currently known about it is that it can only be seen when users follow these steps:

Archive apps in the Google Play Store. (GApps Flags and Leaks)

– Enter the application Google Play Store.

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– Click on personal picture To the user at the top right of the screen.

– Click on the “Manage device and applications” option.

– Enter tab “Manages“.

– Check boxes will appear to the right of each name in the application list. If a menu option icon (three dots) appears when you click one, it could be that app file.

In addition to facilitating Archive From one to requestjob Google Play Store It allows you to see how much extra space is created on the cell phone and what can be used otherwise. This amount will not be the same as the order size, but it will be smaller.

For example, if A to request It weighs 450MB, and once archived 230MB can be released. The difference will still be application specific, so this process is similar to compressing a file Archives.

Google Play lets you configure which apps you want to archive to save internal storage space. (Google)

Once an app is archived, it will no longer cause its shortcut icon to disappear from the app’s home screen cell phoneBut a cloud will appear in its place. This new icon will serve as an indicator that the application is in a deep sleep state.

To re-enter a Archived applicationUsers have to click on the cloud and start the process of downloading some supplementary files. Once these programs are re-downloaded, users will be able to log into the program again, although they will need to log back into their accounts if necessary.

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Supplementary function enabled in Google Play Store It consists of the fact that applications that have not been used for more than three months will have their access permissions to phone data removed, e.g short messageNotifications, camera, etc. Thus, the Google Store seeks to protect users’ privacy even during periods of inactivity rather than revealing it Information For potential leaks, cyber attacks or hacks.

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