Gmail: Learn how to free up storage space in your email

Gmail is one of the most popular email services in the world, offering free storage. However, this space can quickly fill up with emails, making it difficult to organize and find important messages. Over time, this storage capacity can run out, affecting the efficiency of your account.

To overcome this problem, there are techniques that make it easier to free up space in your Gmail account. Here are simple steps to improve this situation:

Find and delete emails of the most importance

The first action you should take is to free up space by identifying and deleting the largest and largest files in your Gmail account. Google is making this process easier with the shortcut. Go to the Gmail search bar located on the right side. Then select Search Filters and choose the option ‘more than’. Here you can start searching, for example, for files that exceed the 10 MB.

Delete old emails

From the moment you sign up for Gmail through Google, you start receiving emails, many of which may be useless today. Using the filter mentioned above, specifically in ‘dates’you can go back in time and start deleting old and unimportant emails to free up space in your account.

Check spam and find contacts

Although the spam folder automatically deletes emails every 30 days, it doesn’t hurt to delete them manually, especially when email space is limited. In addition, it is common to receive advertising emails that are not relevant to users. Therefore, it is advisable to check your spam folder regularly and delete unwanted emails.

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Deletion and archiving policy

Best practice is to use this option consciously. It consists of reading each email that arrives and evaluating whether it is necessary to keep it or whether it is possible to delete it, taking into account its future usefulness. This strategy helps prevent your Gmail account from constantly filling up, avoiding space issues.

Empty the trash in Gmail

When you delete emails, there is always the option to restore them The Recycle Bin permanently deletes messages after 30 days. So, if you urgently need to free up space in your Gmail account, you can do it manually by emptying out the emails that you don’t really need. Go to option ‘additional’ In the left column, where you will find various options, select the option ‘Paper clip’. Once you’re in the folder, you can manually select and delete the emails you want.

Delete files from Google Drive and photos

If you frequently receive PDF files, images, or videos in your Gmail, your shared storage space on Google Drive may fill up more quickly. In this sense, it is advisable to review Google Drive and Photos regularly, and delete those documents that are not used or that you consider unimportant to free up space in your account.

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