Gasly and his touch with Alonso: “I didn’t have space, I don’t know where I thought I could go”

The Frenchman was in the middle of Pérez and Alonso and ended up hitting the Spanish

They sanctioned him with five seconds for it and in the end he finished sixth

Pierre Gasly acknowledges that he had nowhere to go at the time he hit Fernando Alonso. The Frenchman touched the Spaniard at the first corner and ruined his career after an unfortunate incident.

Gasly understands that he has been sanctioned with five seconds for the incident, since he is the one who has touched his rival. Of course, he does not know if the penalty is entirely fair, since he has not seen the images and he does not know how small was the space he had to face the curve. The Frenchman was between Alonso and Sergio Pérez and had nowhere to go at the moment of the touch.

“There has been contact, but I have not seen the images yet. For me, everything was very tight, with Sergio on the inside and Fernando on the outside. I didn’t have much space and contact has existed. The sanction has been for me and I do not know if it is the correct decision or not, I need to have a clear vision of what happened before “, recognized Gasly in words published by the web portal

Gasly is clear that being in the middle of three cars is never good news and remarks that he has done everything possible not to be involved in any incident at the start. Unfortunately, Turkey’s first corner is very difficult and with hardly any space, there was no other way to tackle that turn.

“I saw that Sergio was there and I tried to go where he could. We know that normally it is not good to be in the middle when there are many cars. I do not have in mind another similar situation, but in fairness, I don’t know where he thinks he could go, it has been a complicated incident, “he added.

The first corner is always difficult and there are many options for something to happen. I didn’t want to be involved in any touches that could ruin my career, so I stayed between the two cars, but I didn’t have much space, “said Pierre to conclude.

Despite the five-second penalty he received, Gasly crossed the line in the same position he was in before stopping his car in the pits during that time. The Frenchman has added eight valuable points for AlphaTauri after two forgotten races.

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