Aurinecro wins! Real Spain sinks further into Victoria’s ‘Jaipur’ and whistles at Sebino Stadium – Tees

The real Spain Confirmed the terrible moment Victoria He scored three points from Sebino Stadium after Aberdeura gave him a stunning 0-2 0-2 draw on Day 13 of 2021 in the middle of the Morasinico holiday.

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The team of professors reached the goal of success Franklin Flores (13) and Omar Rosas (60). The left-handed team played a great game with his score, coming in line with what he provided in his left-wing and defensive zone.

This is the sixth victory for the Arinecros in the championship, which is why they are fourth in the table with 22 units.

For its part, Victoria He continues to express the terrible reward he enjoys and the inability to straighten out DD. Solomon Nasser. Crabs recorded their tenth defeat.

The real Spain He came out determined in search of victory and from the 5th minute he was warned by a shot Maron Flores The one who went upstairs to the cabin Isa Flores, A young archer who is familiar and restrained Victoria Smashed to pieces.

The goal came eight minutes later Franklin FloorHe recovered when Jayphos’ exit went into the area and released an impossible left foot shot to the starting footballer. With that 0-1 we went to rest.

For filling, Solomon Nasser He made three changes with the intention of giving the team another dynamic, which never happened. The Ziba team delivered sluggish attacks without endangering the target Perelle, Who was a starter in his absence ‘Pupa’ Lopez, Which is concentrated with Bicolor.

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On the other hand, ‘Gold’ Goodress Yes change Carlos Bernardes By Ramiro Rocca. Belizean, who was only on the field for a minute, was penalized by the Mexican for turning into a goal Omar Rosas The second is definite.

Victoria He records only two wins in this championship (against the marathon and the Platons) and did not go beyond the last places; There are 26 goals against them and only 4 in favor. Your next engagement will be before that The real community And looking at the front faces of the machine Platons At home.

Confirmed rows

Victoria: Edward Isa Flores; Velasquez Colon, Kenneth Hernandez, Pedro Hernandez, Manor Colon, Edwin Alvarez, Marlon Rafael Flores, Jess Marcelo Canales, Edu Giannini Martinez, Andres Murillo Renteria and Josயூ Isaac Carca.

Real Spain: Michael Perelle; Miguel Angel Carrasco, Franco Flores, Franklin Flores, Maron Flores, Alejandro Reyes, Jav Benavades, Jason Mejna, Yesit Martinez, Omar Rosas and Ramiro Rocca.

Changes in Victoria: Jose Guerrero, Alexis Vega, Pedro Hernandez, Darwin Sanchez, Marcelo Canalos, Domin Ramores, Josuலி Calindo, Oscar Suarez and Carlos Mathews left for the Colonel.

Changes to the original Espana: Maron Flores departed for Dorixon Volda, Michael Garcia, Jason Magia, Joe Benavades Jr. Garcia, Ramiro Rocca Carlos Bernardes and Yesit Martinez Daniel Melandus.

Yellow cards

Victoria: Manor Golan.

Real Spain: Maron Flores and Carlos Bernardes.

No red cards.

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