Iboi Lanos’ compelling talk about his salary in Twitz

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A few days ago The Great salary Receive from streamers Torque, What Aaron Flea, Rubius The Iboy Lanos, After a massive hack on the platform and the latter sent a message to millions of followers who want to enter the streaming world.

Among the data leaked by Infiltration It raised $ 2.3 million Torque Since 2019, the fact that he was taken with humor when he was released Twitter Changing the password of Coconuto Cristiano Ronaldo was very painful.

But it was not a joke, he took advantage of a situation The call to common sense, He reflected on it during his exchange Salary Published and how difficult it is to achieve that status.

“We should never be overwhelmed by the numbers we have won. That is not true. Aaron Flea One is, the other will not be. The money you earn is not real. It happens in one in every billion cases, ”he said.

Plain Focuses on making young people realize that they are not leaving their studies or work Content creator, The published salary is far from the majority Streamers.

“I don’t know why I went crazy, I started earning 2,000 pesos Torque. Nevertheless, I will continue to work Because as long as I am one hundred percent sure Torque I can live, I didn’t even leave the study Or work. And, if I can, I will finish them, ”he commented.

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இபாய் He gave an example தனிசன், A rising streamer in the Dortland series MinecraftBut you did not quit your job: “Work in the morning Because He is mechanical. He accepted the day, but he continues to go to work. I find myself more interested in being a streamer. The rock is considered Streamers en twitch You are a millionaire. And this is completely false. “

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