Movies with major scientific flaws

It is said, and with good reason, that the cinema does not have to be realistic, but credible with what is being narrated in the plot. It makes sense because stories simply have to be believable in context. A film of the fantasy genre should not be realistic, since it does not coincide or share the world in which we live, but it must be credible and credible with the story it tells. For example, if Aragorn, the character of the Lord of the Rings, is not a wizard, it would not make sense or would be plausible that he used magic in The Two Towers, on the other hand, it is credible that he kills 50 orcs in a row. There are movies that base their main plot on a scientific failure or a fallacy that devalues ​​the end result.


Armadeddon (Universal Pictures)

It is without any doubt, one of the films with great scientific failures. NASA noted that the tape had more than 160 scientific flaws. To begin with, they are told in training about a non-existent space dementia, and there is no asteroid the size of Texas in our solar system. The best of all? That in the making of the film they claim to have been working under the close collaboration and supervision of NASA.


Lucy (TF1)
Lucy (TF1)

The film bases its entire argument on a fallacy that everyone considers true: “Human beings only use 10% of our brain.” Luc Besson’s tape in which Scarlett Johansson it unleashed the full potential of the mind, managing to do everything imaginable. It is proven by neurology that we use the brain as a whole, only different areas of it and at specific times. Therefore Lucy shouldn’t have more power than any ordinary human, a condition that sends her straight to the group of movies with major scientific flaws.

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“The nucleus”

The Core (Paramount Pictures)
The Core (Paramount Pictures)

A trip to the core of the earth to prevent it from stopping, thus cooling the planet and killing all human beings. But the center of the earth cannot be paralyzed no matter what the scientists in this movie say. Due to the coriolis effect, the core of the earth rotates because it also rotates with its particular rotation. Scientists also assure that airplanes will not be able to fly due to the suppression of magnetism, however airplanes fly thanks to engines …

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