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Organizer of the Miss Peru pageant and Davis Orosco’s mother-in-law, After the presenter of ‘America Hoy’ he faced the Gumbia singer, He would call it ‘Santa Anita’s Oval Power Bread’.

In an interview with Janard Barbosa magazine, El Trom pointed out that Davis Orosco may have changed because of his relationship with Jessica Newton’s daughter, Cassandra Sanchez. According to Barboza, he will try to fit in with his girlfriend’s environment.My mother-in-law (Jessica Newton) loves me and shows me watches, chains, and jackets. For me, there is unfavorable interference from the mother-in-law“, He pointed out.

But his comments did not stop there. The driver promised that he knew Davis Orosco and his father Johnny from the beginning and that they were two very simple men. On the contrary, now he sees his son and does not know him.

I look at Santa Anita’s Oval Power Bread, which gives the impression of showing a ring, watch, jacket or suit. I believe that when a person is successful it is not necessary to show it with material things. We live in a self-conscious society where you suddenly think of what you once tried to match. I watch a TV that gives the impression that he is not, he is trying to entertain the new family he is now involved with. He’s a Davis, which I personally don’t like. I consider Santa Anita’s Oval Power Bread“, He added.

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In the face of these reports, the beauty entrepreneur was not silent, as TV presenter Los Embajador’s Griolos Waltz dedicated his ‘Vobora’ on his Instagram account, adding: “What a bad girl, always trying to hurt. “.

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