The separation of Shakira and Pique is being studied at the University of Cuenca

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University Campus of Cuenca (UCLM) will hold a conference this Thursday, in which the legal implications of the song ‘Bizzrap’ will be analysed.

Day, baptism Session 53 Legal Implications of Shakira and PQ Case on BZRP’, The work will be evaluated from various areas of law: from privacy protection to international law.

Professors Lorena Sales Pallares, Nieves Pacheco Jimenez and Pilar Molero Martín-Salas, who were responsible for promoting and launching the initiative, were in no way oblivious to the confusion that the Colombian’s countless spears and his former partner had caused. Her sons’ father, Gerard Pique.

According to the poster announcing the meeting, it is “Clearly aimed at law students and interested parties”A nod to the notes included in the song’s lyrics, as reported by UCLM in a press release.

The purpose of this day is nothing else, “to bring the students closer to some relevant legal issues by resorting to a subject they know and love through the media,” explains Professor Nieves Pacheco Jimenez. Current affairs and public communication help students to understand more clearly the practical application of what they study.

The conference will focus on aspects related to Constitutional right (linked to privacy, respect and the right to one’s own image) Civil Law and International LawSince Shakira moved to Miami, various aspects and elements can be related.

José Vicente Roldán Martínez, lawyer and partner at EJASO Law Firm, Esther González Hernández, Professor of Constitutional Law at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, and Juliana Rodríguez Rodrigo, Professor of Private International Law at the Carlos III University. Voices related to the theme.

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