Businessman Ines Gomez is trying to pick up four of his seven children from Mont

After legal issues facing Ines Gomez Mont for Mexican justice, the driver will lose custody of four of his seven children as the children’s father seeks parental authority.

It is about businessman Javier Theas who was the husband of Ines Gomez Mont for five years, and together they gave birth to his first born Ines and trinity Bruno, Diego and Xavier.

After the divorce, Ines Gomez married Mont attorney Vector Manuel Alvarez, who has three more children, and for several weeks, they have been wanted by Mexican authorities for fraud and money laundering.

Last Friday, journalist Michael Ruvalcaba said on his YouTube channel that Javier Diaz was fighting for the custody of his four children after the issue arose.

Gomez Mont and her husband are said to be on the run, so children cannot be involved in this situation, TV Notas magazine would have brought to light this information.

According to Ruwalkaba, Javier had no contact with the mother of his children and since 2015 he had not been able to see the children and had been dying to see them.

Apparently, Theas’ mother and grandmother of the children will be very upset about everything that happens around his ex-wife, who is said to have never had a good relationship with him, and to support her son so that her grandchildren can be with their father. (With information from L. Imperial)

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