From space, astronauts capture the most impressive faces of the moon

This morning , International Space Station (IS) published a series of photos of mooncaptured by astronauts from Moon Gate Orbital Platform (LOP-G). The images were taken from the so-called “lunar outpost” LOP-G, the science center and laboratory that allows a group of astronauts to stay permanently at this space base adjacent to Earth’s atmosphere.

Photo: NASA/International Space Station

Pictures published by the official account of the orbiting laboratory show the best faces of the moon in its different phases. Just as the International Space Station has published images taken from space, it has also shared some of the others, obtained from Earth, by fans of astronomical phenomena.

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Increasingly, technologies are allowing humanity to take more reliable images of celestial bodies. this week , International Aeronautics and Space Agency (Container) also posted photos of the sunrise on April 10, from Mars.

Photo: NASA/International Space Station

Photo: NASA/International Space Station

These developments are part of the work that precedes the missions that will take humanity to the Red Planet for the first time and return it to the Moon. The space agency’s commitment is that in 2020, it has requested an increase in the budget to carry out work before the moon landing, tentatively scheduled for 2025. This amount is in the range of $1.6 billion.

Photo: NASA/International Space Station

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In addition, NASA has revealed its commitment to achieving the permanent or semi-permanent existence of humanity by 2028. Will it succeed?

Photo: NASA/International Space Station


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