Does the color of cats affect their personality? science answers

Cats are the second most popular pet in the worldbehind the dogs. Their domestication began 10,000 years ago by farmers in the Middle East, and today they coexist among humans. Like the rest of the animals, it has characteristics that make it unique, although its character has already become a standard.

There is a belief that cats are unfriendly, but it is enough to live with them for a few days to realize that this is not the case. In fact, They are very kind and loving. Now, a study conducted by veterinarians in the United States has revealed the relationship that exists between the color of cats and their personality.

After questioning several cat owners, researchers concluded that 50% of those who own cats consider color to be the dominant factor when determining their personality. Accordingly, orange cats are more lazy and affectionate, while white cats are more independent and calm.

Researchers in the UK conducted a very similar study, and found that Bi-colored cat owners saw them as intolerant and independent. Meanwhile, orange cat owners thought their pets were friendly and lazy.

for this reason, Experts believe that it is not easy to establish a direct relationship between the color of cats and their personality. Researchers from the United States explain that these perceptions are solely and exclusively historical or cultural. The clearest example is black cats, which are believed to bring bad luck.

cat color meaning

The black catsTraditionally, they have always been associated with misfortune. However, not every place in the world is like this. In other cultures, black cats are seen as a kind of talisman: they protect from evil and drive away evil spirits.

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The white cats It is associated with innocence, cleanliness, and purity, and in some cultures it is seen as bringing good luck in business. Two-colored cats are generally seen as those that attract money and wealth.

Meanwhile, the Tricolor cats It means peace, harmony and unity in homes. They are also said to represent love and affection, especially those of a reddish color.

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