France mandates the use of CPDLC in its airspace over FL195

Antonio Olmedo / Digital Aviation, SP – On the recommendation of the European Oversight Operational Focus Group (OFG), France is the first European country Assuming you are logged in CPDLC In its airspace after Karlsruhe UAC (EDUU), Maastricht UAC (EDYY) and Cyprus (LCCC).

What is CPDLC?

The CPDLC system is an alternative communication method for radiotelephone communications (voice) between the controller and the pilot using the Air Traffic Control Communications (ATC) data link. A CPDLC application includes a set of authorization/information/request message elements that correspond to phrases used in radiotelephony and which allows decongestion of radiotelephony frequencies.

In other words, it is about using a communication system between pilots and controllers that allows written messages to be used, rather than using radio, which is the most common system used to date. definitely, Is WhatsApp or Telegram limited to pilots and consoles in real operation.

In any case, the initial communication with each ATC unit will be made by voice, regardless of whether it is connected via CPDLC or not.

CPDLC use in France

In practice, this does not mean any restrictions on flights in French airspace, since 1The standard applies to aircraft on which the CPDLC is installed, is in operation and the crews have received training in its use..

CPDLC may only be used for trial applications which is not critical in terms of response time, Any requests that do not require an immediate reaction from the pilot. Therefore, wireless communication by voice will still be a priority. However, as in radiotelephony, CPDLC messages should be answered with the least possible delay.

Urgent Tactical ATC Clearances will continue to be issued via radiotelephone communications

The provision of CPDLC services in France is based on the requirements of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 29/2009, revised by Regulation (EC) No. 2015/310 which sets out the requirements for the provision of CPDLC services and thus, CPDLC service will only be provided to aircraft equipped with CPDLC in Protected Mode (PM).

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CPDLC services provided to eligible aircraft in all French airspace over FL195 are DLIC (The ability to initiate a data link), ACLs (ATC permits and instructions, pilot requests), MCA (ATC Communications Management) and AMC (ATC microphone control).

The service is very pleasant. AMC (ATC Microphone Check)because it allows the controller to send a “Check Stuck Microphone” instruction to the Cases where an aircraft has inadvertently jammed a radio frequency. The pilot must check that his radio is not causing a stall.

The new AIC applies to all French airspace, ie the five ATS units that make it up: Bordeaux (LFBB), Reims (LFEE), Paris (LFFF), Marseille (LFMM) and Brest (LFRR), although with different levels of service. Reims, Marseille and Bordeaux will provide all services, while Paris and Brest will not accept orders from pilots.

CPDLC procedures

The CPDLC will be initiated by the flight crew, with sufficient time (about 15 minutes) to ensure that a CPDLC connection is established with the appropriate ATS module, unless a login has already been established with a previous adjacent ATSU to facilitate login. Under normal circumstances, only one login would be required per flight to the first ATS unit, from then on The login will be automatically redirected to the next ATC unit

However, if the automatic redirect does not work, or it cannot be implementedthe pilots must manually contact the next ATS unit with sufficient timeunless the console voice asks otherwise.

In metropolitan French airspace, the data link communication status of Eligible aircraft will be displayed on the control screens. Therefore, the CPDLC capability of the aircraft will not be additionally declared at frequency.

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Aircraft leaving French airspace destined for ATS units where CPDLC services are not available It will be automatically separated by the ground system, No action is required by the flight crew.

The difference with Europe

divergence about European mandate to use Datalink Through CPDLC equipment, this is it Applies to flights above FL285 across Europewhile in France this new rule applies to flights over FL195.

Another important distinction is that none of the European Datalink exemptions that apply to aircraft with 19 seats or less and an MTOW of less than 100,000 pounds apply to the French standard.

Other airspaces in Europe require CPDLC sign-inwhen available, as with UAC Maastricht (USA) And Karlsruhe UAC (EDYY) is above FL285 (source: Eurocontrol), Cyprus (LCCC FIR) is above FL285 and now France (LFFF, LFEE, LFMM, LFBB, LFRR FIRs) is above FL195.

However, the use of CPDLC in Europe is confusing. All airspaces are very close to each other but with different levels of operational capability Regarding the data link. In addition, you must take into account the list of contacts. and European authorization on the use of the above data link FL285To which each country’s standard must be added.

Then there are the exemptions, such as aircraft with a first-time Certificate of Airworthiness issued before January 1, 2018 and equipped before that date with a FANS 1/A propeller, or aircraft with 19 seats or less and an MTOW of 45,359 kg (100,000 lb) or less, with the first individual Certificate of Airworthiness issued before February 5, 2020.

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In addition, in December 2019 the European Union announced that Other aircraft are also permanently excluded from this list. Annex II aircraft with CofA issued before February 5, 2020, and Annex II aircraft with CdA issued after February 5, 2020, had until February 5, 2022 to retrofit their avionics.

What is the CPDLC Login List?

This is not the same as Datalink’s European mandate. This is what was called the “white list” and Registering for a CPDLC service is only a duty When flying over Switzerland, Germany and Maastricht-UAC-controlled airspace, i.e. the upper airspace over FL245 over Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, one of the busiest and most complex areas of airspace in Europe.

If an operator does not register on this list, they will not be able to use CPDLC in these areas and may You will not achieve operational improvements In terms of direct or faster promotions.

The reason this record exists is because there are still many aircraft flying outdated avionics and they contribute to major communication issues, also called “vendor failures”. This makes the network unusable for properly processed traffic.Because messages are lost in time and cause useless workload.

With netlist, controllers can improve quality of service for those with the right equipment and make CPDLC usable and functional. the “login list» Filters out “bad” planes That generates over 150% of the average provider’s miscarriage rate.

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