Four dog breeds ideal for places with little space

What are the best indoor dog breeds

If you are determined to adopt a dog, but the idea that you do not have much space at home stops you, then you can choose to choose one of these four ideal breeds for apartments or small spaces.

Deciding to adopt an animal is not an easy task and doing so puts many things at stake.

Between them, where the new family member will sleep and play. In these cases, many people decide not to incorporate a dog since they do not have a large garden where it can play. This reasoning is not always coherent and true since there are some breeds that are ideal for these cases.

The size of the dogs matters when deciding to have a dog in a small space
The size of the dogs matters when deciding to have a dog in a small space

Having a dog is much more than being with him during playtime.

It is also offering adequate nutrition, correct general and oral hygiene, pertinent visits to the vet and many other responsibilities.

So the decision to adopt a dog is complex.

The aspect of the physical space is important when making this decision, since dogs spend most of the day at home and require a conditioned place so that they can play, sleep and function naturally. For this reason, many families are reluctant to take in a pet, since they live in a small apartment. The truth is that there are some breeds that are ideal for homes with little space.


Chihuahuas are a very small breed of dog. They are characterized by having a lot of joy, so they will bring a good dose of love and fun to the home. Also, you have to offer them daily walks so that they grow healthy and can develop naturally. They are rustic and long-lived despite their diminutive appearance and bearing.

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Another small breed dog is the pug, which is pure cuteness and friendliness. It was the dog of the medieval courts, but, in addition, they are ideal for families with children, since they are not only affectionate, but they love to play and are very intelligent.

Yorkies (Yorkshire Terrier)

Dogs of this breed are full of energy and courage. They tend to be cold, so they love being indoors, which makes them the ideal dog to be in apartments that have little space.

It does not lose hair and is rustic and long-lived. Like the others, it requires daily walks to have its corresponding dose of contact with nature.

Bichon frize

This is a very sweet breed that can be adopted if one is short on space.

The Bichon Frize has an unmatched sweetness. His tender face, soft, non-shedding coat, natural playfulness, and intelligence make him the perfect companion for department families.

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* Prof. Dr. Juan Enrique Romero @drromerook is a veterinarian. University Education Specialist. Master in Psychoimmunoneuroendocrinology. Former Director of the Small Animal School Hospital (UNLPam). University professor in several Argentine universities. International speaker.


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