Santiago Solari: ‘It is understandable that Chivas is celebrating the draw against the United States’

Santiago Solari Gave his comments after drawing 0-0 at National Classic Considered that If they go out celebrating in Sivas Azteca Stadium was so close to their defeat that he promised to have a goal visit from his team every minute.

The coach of the United States mentioned that it was a great disappointment for him to be on his team He was able to leave his court with three points Thanks for a fight that dominated the second half.

It is understandable that they come out celebrating as they celebrate themselves.As we dominated the second half we had chances, we deserved to win it and a scoring chance every minute we went towards the end. When you struggle, you wait until the game is over, Our case was the other way around; We wanted to extend the game when you were dominating We have the feeling that you can achieve the result You didn’t do it, ”Solari told a news conference.

Be calm in the face of referee mistakes

Solari D’s arbitrator also gave his opinion on the work Caesar Arturo Ramos Palasulos, As well as the VAR he stated, Their results were very unfortunate throughout the match.

We are not lucky on the VAR issue with this match exitAguilera was expelled and they were judged harshly for this type of drama with Richard Sanchez, Atlas and Leon, I agree, but we were not lucky when it came against us, ”he added.

There was arbitration controversy for a conspiracy From Miguel Bones to Henry Martin For many it was red in addition to a palette Christian Calderon And a blow from his player George Sanchez.

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“I am sometimes reluctant to issue statements against them. Sometimes they have good matches, other bad matches and they have better matches tooAlas, when the referees have the best games, no one talks about them because their results are so good that they go unnoticed and VAAR adjusts their eyes to where they are not looking.

“I’m not alone here, Trainers do not know how well this communication algorithm works When things like this happen, we don’t really understand why it happens. They need to improve themselves, with full communication between the VAR room and the referee

They found it very difficult to get down to the game

He said his team started weak from tension Then it costs them to lose control of the recovered ball.

“It was serious, it was a little tense at first It took us a while at first to connect our opportunities. When we did that, when we got to the center, we dominated the pages and the second half, you have to put them on to win, we try patiently by all means. The goal did not come today, but not because of not tryingSolari agreed.

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