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WWE has done an incredible job of making every show in 2023 feel like a main event. This becomes especially difficult when any superstar, especially a big star, is sidelined due to injury.

Ricochet was a taskmaster on Monday Night Raw. His most notable match was against Logan Paul at SummerSlam this year. After that, though not part of any main story, Highlight of the night He has given exceptional performances in multi-man matches at the flagship show.

He Wrestling Spectator Newsletter reported that Ricochet suffered a concussion during his No. 1 contender’s match for the Fed-4 Way Intercontinental Championship last Monday night. As of this writing there is no timetable for his return to the ring.

“Ricochet is believed to have suffered a concussion. He doesn’t remember anything that happened during the fight, but other than that, he told himself he’s fine. He’s in the concussion protocol and there’s no timeline for him being healthy. He could fight again. “It could be this weekend and it could be a long time. It might be time, but there was hope that it wouldn’t be for long.”

Due to the aforementioned concussion, Ricochet abandoned his attempt to defeat the five against him, leading the creative team to scrap their original plans.

Miz is now scheduled for a title match at Survivor Series and will face a member of The Viking Raiders next week on RAW.

Samantha Irwin defends fans’ bad comments about the WWE star

Ricochet and Samantha Irwin have been a couple for years. Their relationship was used in WWE on the summer show between the former IC Champion and Logan Paul.

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When a fan recently suggested that the WWE ring announcer was married to a “midgarder,” Samantha Irwin responded:

“*A future WWE Hall of Famer, a future Grand Slam Champion, a GOAT High Flyer, an internationally known elite athlete, an inspiration to millions of people of all ages and a man who was with me before I started it all, he believed in my dreams. And helped me all the time. Fixed it! :)”

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