The careers of two Spanish spaceflight companies end in court

EOS-X Space and Halo Space are competing to be the first Spanish company to take tourists into the stratosphere. At the moment, his career has reached the commercial courts of Madrid, which will decide on the charges that have been passed.

Company EOS-X Space has filed a lawsuit against Halo Space and consulting firm Arthur D. Little (Add) For the alleged crime of “disclosing company secrets and corruption in business,” according to Efe, citing sources from the law firm Cremades & Calvo Sotelo. Among the accused appears Carlos MiraCEO of Halo and ADL, the consulting firm that previously advised EOS-X Space on the timeline for launching future space tourists into orbit.

As stated in the complaint, and pending a judge’s decision on whether or not to accept processing, EOS-X hired ADL in 2019 to accompany it in the direction of the project and, for this reason, signed contracts subject to confidentiality terms. After a year and a half, ADL reportedly terminated the contract and formed HALO Space, which is controlled by 100% of the capital, has the same goal as EOS-X: to send tourists into space using a pressurized capsule system with a helium balloon. EOS-X believes that HALO “leveraged” technical and commercial information to launch its project.

On top of the EOS-X is Kamal Kharbashia businessman who lived for many years in Mallorca, where he promoted Ágora Next, a forum about tourism that has now disappeared.

Through a note compiled by Efe, HALO stated on Sunday that it has not currently received any notification of a lawsuit over the alleged disclosure of secrets and that it is prepared to defend itself against “False accusationsThey add that they “did not have any contractual relationship at all” with EOS-X Space, and that their project is a self-developed project based on already existing aerospace technologies.

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They point out that the advisor ADL filed a lawsuit against EOS-X in September 2021, due to the alleged use of their logo when they are no longer on the project, which is also waiting to be accepted for processing. They add that the relationship with EOS-X ended in May 2021 “unilaterally via porfax.” Both companies blame each other for the breakup.

EOS-X plans to send its first tourists into the stratosphere in late 2024. The journey will take about six hours. For this part, HALO made its first test flight last December in India.

Unlike space tourism projects Richard Branson (Virgin Orbit, bankrupt), Elon Musk (space x) and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) the two Spanish companies They are planning much cheaper experiments. Their flights will reach an altitude of about 40 kilometers above sea level, a distance that allows the Earth’s curvature to be investigated.

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