Maribel Cardia receives criticism for “Botox abuse” and “too young” attire

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Mexico City.- More than once, Maribel Guard When asked about some, he jokingly said, “How am I? If it goes well for you, you will see for yourself.” Critics He gets on his social networks, especially for the latest photo he poses with Mini Clothing Red colour.

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The 62-year-old singer-actress promises that this is not “everyone’s favorite gold coin”, so she does not worry about bad comments because she says most of the news she receives in her publications is good.

However, many netizens took everything to this snapshot of Maribel, in which her figure is wearing a high red dress, so users are advised not to wear such youthful clothing because even though it is well protected, that dress is for young women.

It’s a beautiful dress but for a teenager. “

Haha … dressed like a thirty year old woman ….. now my grandmother, find you “.

Very beautiful dress, but she’s very young, really. “

Very beautiful Maribel, but that dress is not … at least not for you … “.

Some users of social networks have criticized the face of Costa Rican because, according to them, it seems to be exaggerated. Botox It is already starting to decay.

He already started with Botox, he already gave to the old man … “.

What happened to your face? You do not want to be like a queen. ”

Get out of Botox, girl. ”

Remember last Wednesday, Maribel Cardia posted one Video In which they put against the third dose Govit-19, Which is why many of his fans joked that he was “30 years old and not yet vaccinated.”

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