Photo | Kareli Ruiz shows off her new look in a micro skirt and transparency

when Kareli Ruiz He promised that this 2023 will be his year and he is not lying because he is really determined to seize it. In this case, she left her Instagram followers square-eyed after posting a couple of photos on their stories; A micro skirt and the essentials appear to be encased in a strictly closed bra. However, he showed off his new look and it turned out well.

Native, with a discreet carmine-colored smile Monterey, New the lion, flaunting her statuesque figure in a dress made of a sheer sky-blue fabric. Still looking at the camera, she successfully styled the bold outfit with her hands on her hips. “My new look,” she wrote. In this case, he can be seen with long, wavy, black hair. It is important to remember that it was chestnut in color.

Karely Ruiz is considered the only queen of fans (Photo: IG @karelyruiz)

In the second photo you can see him even closer so you don’t miss the details. However, her angelic appearance and her well-manicured hair falling over her right shoulder, are spectacular. The Tattoos Y Moles of Kareli Ruiz They are brought to life by the week of her nearly 8 million followers who unconditionally support her in everything she does.

Karely Ruiz plans to make some changes in her life (Photo: IG @karelyruiz)

Kareli Ruiz wins Madrid, Spain

After a whirlwind trip CancunQuintana Roo, in the company of her friend Monkey For a photo shoot Kareli Ruiz He took a flight to Madrid, Spain, where he came up with new ideas. At this stage, he did not think anything special for his accounts Fans only, she is considered one of the queens, but for her life. The year changed and her fast-paced life (due to the plot of fame) made her fall into various reflections and she promised to continue making some changes to become the character that people love so much.

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Karely Ruiz wins Madrid (Photo: IG @karelyruiz)

On his return to the motherland, the Influencers She wore an outfit that made people forget she was cold. She already liked short skirts because she used to wear them Paired with a purple jacket style Federica B. LoochAnd. In the same way, she made her trips to the balcony where she stayed to breathe fresh air, but Only with one person Hat shirt Open And without anything below.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting Kareli Ruiz Fulfill your New Year’s resolutions, which are very different from what many expected, as you seek to master the English language and the piano as a musical instrument. In the same way, he plans to settle in Mexico City, and take it to parties, “they are tired and spend.”

Karely Ruiz loves transparency (Photo: IG @karelyruiz)

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