Cristian Castro is increasingly resembling Manuel “El Loco Valdez”.

After the singer Christian Castro Away from the world of entertainment and attention, she has resurfaced with a new look, giving her something to talk about, with some calling her the spitting image of her late father, comedian Fernando Manuel Alfonso.Logo Valdez”.

The translator of “Raining Stars” has also unleashed some criticism and comparisons with movie characters.

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Castro usually tries different color styles on his hair and brought it from blonde, orange and green, however, now he chose purple: the artist is currently in Argentina, where he participates as a judge in the show “Sing with me”. “, a talent show.

Recently, the singer made a video for the official Twitter account of the show, where she showed her hair and colorful clothes in front of the camera, and some network users responded to this.

Followers of the celebrity highlighted his resemblance to “Loco Valdez” on Instagram, with user @gabby191983 writing, “Christian Valdez, him and his father, two drops of water,” while @jaqueline_mariposa74 had his. A similar concept is “resembling his father”.


Others who didn’t like the singer’s style wrote, “A debased version of Cristian Castro Hunger Games journalist,” @agustinprinetti wrote next to a photo of the fictional character.

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User @gabrielHLucero expressed, “The best thing that could happen to Cristian Castro at this point in his life is going bald.”

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They used phrases from the social network TikTok to describe the singer-songwriter’s act, “Christian Castro, it’s funny, but not funny when laughing, weird funny…”.


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