Strong expressions! Salma Hayek wanted to be Selena Quintanilla in the movie Tex-Mex Queen

Selena Quintanilla And his film They have many secrets that have come to light little by little. It will mark the 25th anniversary of the next March 31 murder Queen of Tex-Mex.

The singer was killed Yolanda Soldier, Who was chairman and director of his fan club Selena stores.

Due to the great confusion among the followers, the family decided to advertise the shooting of the film ?? Selena ??, It was screened and starred in 1997 Jennifer Lopez.

For this tape, Jennifer Lopez Received MTV Movie Award For Best New Actress. There was so much fame Selena Its success that many actresses wanted to get a place in Jennifer Lopez.

Selena changed my life 20 years ago. I learned a lot from her playing. It taught me how important it is to respect the fans, and although I did not understand what it meant at the time, I know the responsibility it represents. I think we did it justice, he said Jennifer Lopez During the interview we took ABC Play.

Acting for the movie Selena Quintanilla

During the performance, more than 20,000 actresses and young Latinos came ready to play Selena Quintanilla On top of that The movie It will address his life.

Incredibly, she was one of thousands of actresses who attended the performance Salma Hayek Y BB Cayton, In the hope that both are elected.

There are different versions that promise it will be Salma Hayek Who will simulate Selena Quintanilla, But in the end the actress said she turned down the opportunity out of respect for those still victims of her murder.

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The actor’s dates and arrangements for the start of filming a year after the translator’s death ?? As a flower ??.

One of the most recent versions of the singer’s story is new Serie de Netflix Where Suset, Sister Selena Quintanilla, He was well aware that it was connected with reality.


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