Salma Hayek: These are the “superpowers” of the Mexican actress.

Salma Hayek He has a few more days to release his Marvel Studios movie “Eternal”. The film company has teamed up with an attractive new team of immortal superheroes who will be forced to leave the shadows to march against humanity’s oldest enemy, the Divyants.

Actress Ajax, the majestic leader of eternity, will resurrect a race from another planet with superpowers that came to Earth thousands of years ago. Chloé Zhao, director of Eternals, spoke about Mexican: “Salma It was always full of life. Her excitement illuminates the set when she arrives. I was very impressed with how generous she is as an actress. Her Ajax character is a leader – intelligent and very sensitive – a mother figure for all eternity. We feel that Salma embodies these beautiful qualities. This is perfect for reviving Ajax.

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