Ben Affleck reappears after finishing up with Ana de Armas and looks unrecognizable

Ben Affleck changes his look after breaking up with Ana de Armas (Photo: Ben Affleck – IG)

Beautiful Ben Affleck has been in the headlines this week with rumors that Cuba may be reconciled with Ana de Armas. However, after the actress gave life to this possibility, he denied this fact to himself.

Affleck has reappeared after the split, and no one recognizes him after his drastic change. The truth is, the actor is currently shooting for George Clooney’s new film ‘The Tender Bar’.

For his character, Ben was completely changed, he was no longer the usual heartbeat of films like ‘In Search of Destiny’, ‘Armageddon’ or ‘Pearl Harbor’. Truth be told, who knows when we will see him again in a beautiful role, because he continues to accept challenging roles like ‘Arco’ or ‘The Way Back’, which not only demands more of him in an acting curve, but also physically.

So Affleck is very busy on the film set at the behest of Puff’s favorite producers, Clooney.

Snapshots rolled on social media while Ben was filming a scene on the streets of Boston, while George gave him directions. The look of the actor makes him look more retro than before, wearing completely cool hair, parted hair, and a cool gray polo shirt with an 80s maxi neckline.

Although the actor was completely exposed by this character two decades ago, he raised many sighs in Boston when he noticed the ropes he was still working on and the legacy of training to become ‘Bruce Wayne’, which left him with a wide back and abdominal flat. The actor wore jeans, very popular at the time, and camel shoes.

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In some moments of filming with dark glasses and a gold watch, the scenes were of him getting into a vintage car, surrounded by a group of people who followed all the protocols for a safe shoot, i.e. using masks including the actor. He and his director.

We can also see Clooney approaching Affleck to provide the footage needed for the film, but, in his role as director, he took a few shots with a camera on his shoulder. Possibility to require Ben.

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