They condemn the alleged compensatory treatment carried out on the church of Wanda Rolan

Human rights activist Francisco “El Jimagua” Cartagena Mundes denounced receiving a formal call from Pastor Wanda Roland to undergo homosexual treatment, as well as being part of La Santa Antigua Church in Dova Alta.

“In 2013, after many persuasions, I agreed to meet with Ms. Wanda Rolland at her church office. According to her, I was moving people at the time (due to the many protests I organized against the Super Exclusive Project and the fundamentalist sector in the country), which is why I was at her church. She wanted to be a particular leader, but first I had to undergo treatment to “change my homosexuality,” L Jimagua revealed on Facebook on her social network.

“I was so upset, I reassured her that there was nothing to change in my person, I questioned how these treatments work, in which she was quiet. After an hour and a half of meeting, Wanda Rolland told me that people of the same kind can love each other, but she said, I quoted her as saying, “Don’t make this public for me.” In addition, I asked her if she knew she had homosexual teenagers and did not feel sad in her heart. , Understands that the revelations expressed by the pastor are “the total scene of ecclesiastical hypocrisy.”

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Recently, the Senate of Puerto Rico launched a series of public hearings with more than 21 supporters on Bill 184, which seeks to protect minors by banning “alternative therapies” that seek to change sexual orientation and classify the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) as ineffective and torture.

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On Saturday, June 1, 2013, Francisco “El Jimagua” Cartagena Mendes, pastor of the so-called pastor Wanda Rollin, held a peaceful protest in front of the church grounds against the alleged religious pastor, of which only 12 were “apostles of equality”.

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