The former defense minister and other former officials were arrested for corruption in prisons

The former officer, along with eight other inmates, formed Assochambio to manage prison stores. Through this mechanism, inmates would have returned $ 14 million to their property, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Former Justice and Defense Minister and former Director of Police Mauricio Rameres Landavarde and eight former officers of that state portfolio were arrested this Thursday on orders from the Office of the Attorney General. Penalty.

“We have issued an arrest warrant against former Justice Minister Mauricio Ramirez Londavarde, who has been charged with arbitrary acts, fraud, irregular bribery and ideological lying,” Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado wrote on his Twitter account.

In addition to Ramரேres Londavarde, former Deputy Minister of Justice and Defense, Raul Antonio Lopez; Former Director of Penal Centers, Commissioner Marco Tulio Lima; Former legal director, Jose Roberto Nachos Melara; And Sergio Ernesto Sigas Mejia, the former deputy director of the ministry.

Former officials of the ministry are Luis Alonso Pereira Bennett, Flor de Maria Hernandez Albaro, Orlando Elias Molina Rios and Raman Fernando Rock Martyr.

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In June 2019, public security officials reported to the Attorney General’s Office that there had been allegations of malpractice in the management of 347 stores operating in prisons.

That administration was in charge of the association, Yo Cambio (Asocambio), which was founded in 2018 by former minister Ramirez Landavarde and co-founded with other inmates to profit from the profits made by prisons, the prosecutor’s office said.

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“Little by little they took over the profits available through the shops and the funds were used for vague purposes and transferred to private estates. Their assets gradually increased,” Delcado said.

Marco Tulio Lima, the former director general of the penitentiary, was also arrested, along with Ramரேres Londavarde. Photo: EDH / Jonathan Funes

Tax inquiries indicate that inmates have reimbursed about $ 14 million during Asocombio’s tenure with prison stores management.

“That fourteen million dollars went not to rehabilitate or rehabilitate inmates, but to other types of activities, such as improving managers’ salaries (ascombio) and purchasing non-vehicles for the operation of penal centers, ”Delcado said.

Tax Inquiries Former executives acted as directors of Assochambio, a company that manages the company’s purchases without any restrictions on the use of LACAP law.

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Defense Minister Gustavo Villadoro said the arrests of former officials were not “political harassment” but harassment of people who profited from public funds to the detriment of civilian rehabilitation and rehabilitation.

He assured that investigations would continue to establish the involvement of former officials of the aforementioned ministry.

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