Juan Soto challenges him on the try

The sense of attack, an immortal future, a generational player, comparisons with Ted Williams and many are part of the spring of Dominican offfielder Juan Soto of the Washington Nations.

At 22, Choto knows what he wants and how he wants to, and if he has to choose between himself and someone else, he will always choose himself whether it is Mike Trout, Fernando Toddis Jr. or whoever he is.

“For me, my mood always goes to me, I believe in myself, my abilities. Those players, I always commented that I like their way, for me they are superstars, incredible, but when we go to you at the end of the day, I’m with myself. I will never leave Mike Trout. For me, he is the best, but when they compare him to me, I always choose me over anyone else, ”Choto said in an interview via Zoom.

why no? MLP already considers him the third best player in the Major Leagues, behind Trout and Mookie Bets.

In just three years in the Major Leagues, after hitting .351 last season, he has already won a championship title (2019) and a national league batting lead.

He tries to take it easy, and despite being self-confident, he is humble and enjoys the game.

“What I like most is hitting. I love the game, going out to play hard, listening to people’s voices, but of course what I like most is hitting. But when I create a play on the outfield, when I run the platforms, that’s good,” he said.

Sodo left the game on Thursday after realizing he had pressed his right calf during fellow Miami Marlins Sixth Sanchez’s 11-pitch at-bat. Choto received treatment on Friday, with a day off on Saturday, and he is expected to return to the line on Sunday.

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“I felt like he was squeezing his calf a little bit, but in that sense everything would be fine,” Quizciano said.

“I will never leave Mike Trout. For me, he’s the best, but when they compare him to me, I always choose me over anyone else.”

Face the best

At the start of the season, Choto is motivated by the NL East, where he will face the Atlanta Braves, the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Bliss and the Miami Marlins with great frequency.

But the most fun for Choto is facing the best pitcher in business.

“Jacob Digrom has a very fun time at Battle, he’s the best pitcher in the business and it’s always good to face the best to challenge your mind and body,” he revealed.

In 15 careers against Dicrom, Choto has hit .200 with a home run and three Reserve Banks.

About the deal

ESPN magazine published a report on Choto, in which he was announced as the first athlete to win a $ 500 million contract in professional sports in the United States.

For Dominican, it will only serve as an incentive to help his family and the people around him.

“For me, my family is always important. When they talk to me about a long-term contract, I think of those who are going to help. Not only my family, but those who grew up with me, the neighborhood. , My mindset is always to help my family and that is what makes me a better human being, ”he said.


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Choto is always focused on his work, and is less likely to push him out of concentration while he is on the pitch. But how do you prevent many distractions from blurring out the field?

“During the season I try to stay away from social networks and it is handled by my representatives because I do not want to lose focus,” he said.

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