LG’s new monitors are more powerful and save space on your desk

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The coronavirus pandemic has made the telecommuting be installed in Spain. With the aim of increasing productivity, LG has presented its new range of monitors designed taking into account both the health and well-being of the user; in addition to performance and productivity.

For that reason, the company has included an ergonomic arm in its new monitors that provides total versatility and a 360-degree field of view. To the models of the LG Ergo range that were presented in 2020, now the new LG UltraWide, LG UltraGear and LG QHD Monitor are added.

The first of them, the LG UltraWide, is a monitor that has been created thinking of the most demanding professionals who require customize your workspace in order to adapt to your specific needs in terms of productivity and efficiency.

360 degree vision

This monitor has an arm type stand Ergo bracket that takes into account the physiognomy of people to maintain a comfortable posture by simply adjusting the rotation, height, tilt and distance between the user and the computer. In addition, it also offers a 360 degree field of view.

The stand for this monitor is easy to install, with a single click on the back of the screen, and it supports Type-C-Clamp desktop accessories to locate HDMI and USB cables while keeping your workspace clean. A monitor that has a 34-inch screen with 21: 9 aspect ratio Ultra wide with 32% more field of view to easily work on two things at the same time.

LG UltraGear

Content creators at transmission The most influential are those who are dedicated to playing games, and for that reason they need their teams to adapt to their needs to be as comfortable as possible in their long working hours. In that sense, the new ergonomic support of LG monitors suits this work style.

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LG UltraGear, a monitor for gaming.



A support that allows you to enjoy a totally clean workspace and, therefore, handle without problems the keyboard, mouse and other accessories that this type of user needs to work. In addition, it also allows you to rotate the screen in 360 degrees, so can be used to make recordings and broadcasts.

The new LG UltraGear also stands out for offering the latest technology in the world of video games, such as the maximum response speed of 1 millisecond, 144Hz for smoother gaming and NVIDIA G-Sync support. Furthermore, by using Nano-IPS panels instead of TN, this monitor achieves a high response speed without affecting image quality.


Finally, LG has presented the QHD Monitor that also has the adjustment and configuration comforts of the other two models, such as the support Ergo bracket with improved comfort and ergonomics. However, it has a number of characteristics that make it a different product.

This is the new LG QHD.

This is the new LG QHD.



For example, it has a 27-inch IPS QHD screen which reproduces images with great precision of detail at a wide viewing angle. As well as an sRGB color gamut greater than 99% and HDR10, displaying up to 1.07 billion colors and maintaining precision without gradual changes.

This monitor also includes a reading mode and anti-flicker function that help reduce eyestrain when you spend a lot of time in front of the screen. The first one modifies the color of the panel itself in softer tones; while the second reduces the level of invisible flicker on the screen to almost zero.

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