Science finally confirms what is the best oil you can consume in Spain

Although it will always depend on the preferences of each one, the fact is that oil is one of the most popular products among consumers. Only in Spain it is estimated that each inhabitant consumes an average of 13.56 liters of oil per year.

However, within this number, all types of oil have been and will be collected. But are they really so healthy for our body? Well, the truth is, no, but one of them stands out above the rest.

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A study confirms which oil is best for consumers

after Stady made by him Lipid Institute (IG)Attachment Centre The Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)Olive oil has once again positioned itself as the healthiest of the oils out there.

To determine this situation, IG used a system that rates oils and other types of fataccording to its quality. And in the case of olive oil, it scored 100 points, thus earning the highest score on the list.

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As the study notes, olive oil earned this qualification “thanks to its textural properties, which include high levels of oleic acid and the presence of linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and tocopherols.” Likewise, it asserts that it “contains a series of other compounds of importance to health, among which hydroxytyrosol has a declaration of health properties approved by Financial Supervision Authority“.

Despite the unbeaten triumph of olive oil, other oils have fared well. This is the case for flaxseed oil, other olive oils, and olive oil, which have a rating of 86 points. These three products will enter the top four, respectively.

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What are the worst fats or oils?

Taking into account the different types of products analyzed, one stands out because it has the worst score. We’re talking about coconut oil, which got a whopping 0 points.

Closely followed was Margarine, who got the occasional point, but had to settle for just 14 points. Pretty surprising thing, considering it’s a food very common in My diet From many Spaniards, above all, at breakfast time.

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Benefits associated with consuming this type of oil

Thanks to this analysis between oils and fats, professionals can finally answer which oil is the healthiest. Javier Sanchez-Perona, one of the researchers on the study, noted: “With the degree that we propose in this study, we hope to provide exactly this support, given that the criteria we used are those of the dietary recommendations and health claims of the main international organizations.”

Because no matter how much olive oil is associated with a My diet Healthy, the fact is that it was not known to what extent it could stand out above the others that exist.

Among some of the associated benefits consumption From olive oil, we find: a high percentage of healthy fats that help lose weight WeightIts role as a natural anti-inflammatory, its content of various nutrients, its positive effect on the cardiovascular system, its antibacterial properties …

Of course, the fact that it’s a healthy option doesn’t mean we should abuse it consumption. Most nutritionists recommend consuming 35-37 grams of olive oil per day. A number equivalent to about 4 tablespoons of oil. Also, you should keep in mind that each gram of oil translates to an intake of 9 kcal.

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