Five months without a property-related education secretary

In just five months, the Department of Education, along with four others, has been granted formal or interim control of the agency, one of which has received Senate approval, an organization that is required to confirm the appointment.

The House yesterday rejected the appointment of Magdale Rivera, the second person to be appointed to the property by Governor Pierre Louis, and the appointment of Elba Aponte as chief minister and withdrawn on the grounds that there was a negative report on the appointment commission. Senate, Jose Luis Dolmav.

With the exception of Abbott and Rivera, the first executive tried to stabilize Jesus Gonzalez on an interim basis, after Abonde failed. Currently, the only person with the support of legislators is Eliezer Ramos, who until a month ago held the position of deputy secretary of special education, he is on an interim basis.

Candidates rejected

  • Elba Upon: Negative Report
  • Jesus Gonzalez: The Middle Ages: Rejection in the Hemisphere
  • Magali Rivera: Rejected on a hemicycle
  • Eliezer Ramos: Interim Confirmed

There were 14 votes in favor of Rivera and 12 votes against. On Wednesday, Rivera received a negative report from the nominating committee, as confirmed by Ana Gonzalez yesterday, for the family department and Ray Jones for entertainment and sports.

For his part, Javish Colosso, who had a negative statement to the fire department, was rejected by the legislature from 14 to 11. Ana Escobar was confirmed to the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.

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