The United States demanded that Cuba treat Louis Manuel Odero Alcondara, and the artist was admitted to hospital and declared by Amnesty International a “prisoner of conscience” with “dignity and respect.”

Louis Manuel Ottoro Alcondara (EFE / Yander Zamora)

On Friday, the United States expressed concern that the Cuban regime was trying.With dignity and respect“To the disgruntled artist Louis Manuel Ottoro Alcondara, Almost three weeks without contact at a hospital in Havana, When Amnesty International declared him a “prisoner of conscience.”.

We demand that @ LMOAlcántara and all Cubans be respected and treated with dignityThe US embassy in Havana said on Twitter. Washington “Has expressed concern over its solidarity with the Cuban people and the government’s treatment of them with dignity and respect.“, He added.

How is it possible that a patient does not have a visit or phone in a hospital?”, He questioned.

The Cuban regime has accused 33-year-old Otero Alcondara of trying to manipulate the political situation, which is being funded and managed by the American think tank National Democratic Organization.

Competitive member San Isitro Movement (MSI), Opposition University Artists Association, Otto Alejandro was transferred to a hospital in Havana on May 2, the eighth day after declaring his fast..

With that struggle He demanded the return of works that had been removed by security agents Y Police demanded an end to the harassment Against him and freedom of the arts.

Last November, members and supporters of the MSI detained themselves at Odero Alcandara’s home in San Isitro. Demonstration by 300 artists and intellectuals to demand freedom of expression, Something unprecedented on the island.

By announcing to Otero Alcondara this Friday “Prisoner of conscience“For the third time, Amnesty International urges “release of President Miguel Diaz-Colonel Bermஸ்des and other Cuban officials”, In a statement posted on the company’s website.

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Dissatisfied artist “He lost his freedom only for quietly expressing himself, to be released immediately and unconditionallySaid Erica Guevara, director of AI in the United States.

Luis Manuel Otero Alcondara, President of the San Isitro Movement (MSI).  EFE / Yander Zamora / Archive
Luis Manuel Otero Alcondara, President of the San Isitro Movement (MSI). EFE / Yander Zamora / Archive

Since he was taken to hospital, the artist “With the most prohibited visits under the supervision or control of state security officials and from their immediate family”. In addition, “Does not seem to have access to his phone or the outside worldHe added.

Amnesty had already summoned Ottoro’s supporters on Thursday to write a letter to Theas-Colonel seeking his release.

Other activists and close associates of Otero Alcondara confirmed it He does not have telephone access and only a few close relatives can see him at Calicut Garcia Hospital, Castro police patrols have been waiting at the entrance for several days.

It is practically in a state of abduction, Sentenced the independent journalist because they had no outside contact like other people admitted to a hospital Ileana Hernandez, Says he was under house arrest for a month for his activities against the regime.

Dancer Chapel Dias, One of the closest people to Odero Alcondara admitted to worrying: “His relatives say he is fine, but I went to the hospital and they will not let me pass. I think they hide something nice. They will not allow me or them to see me. ”

Others who came to see the dissidents, on the other hand, Were arrested by the police or fined at the entrance of the hospital, According to activists.

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(With information from AFP and EFE)

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