U.S. Ambassador to Romania, back in Timisoara. Zuckerman supports opening an Amcom branch in Timix

Currently in Timiora, US Ambassador to Romania Adrian Zuckerman discusses with County Council Chairman Alin Nika the two important projects that CJ President Timik wants to implement.

First, the President of the Timic County Council thanked ES for his contribution to the strengthening of the strategic partnership between the two states, and classified him as the closest ambassador to the Romanian people among all American ambassadors: At the grassroots level, supporting projects in the field of social security, engaging in initiatives such as Via Carpathia, the Fulbright Commission activity or promoting partnerships between DIMIC and universities in the United States are definite steps that will show long-term benefits, ”said Alin Nika.

During the talks, the two officials discussed the importance of opening a branch of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce in Timisoara, a structure that would increase the investment of US companies in the West. On the other hand, Alin Nika sought the support of US officials to keep a section dedicated to the Timisoara Revolution for the future museum of victims of communism in Washington. The ambassador welcomed the approach, emphasizing the importance of what happened in ’89 to the path to freedom and democracy for the Romanian people.

Mr. On the eve of the end of his term, Adrian Zuckerman presented him with a gift with CJ leader Timinora and profound identities for Romanian democracy. It is about a painting from Diminova with the image of Union Square, created by the painter Mihai Theodore Oldenu.

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