Fire at Mariyal Power Plant is extinguished

A fire on the roof of a distributed generation site in Mariel last night was extinguished by firefighters.

The CubePad report shows that the flames have not reached a large scale. Due to this, Artemisa fire crews rushed to the spot and extinguished the fire quickly.

Once the fire was extinguished, Lázaro Manuel Alonso, a journalist from the Cuban Television Information System, updated the situation. “The fire at the Mariel Distributed Manufacturing facility has been extinguished. Over the next few hours the motors are gradually reconnected to supply power to the National Electric Power System (SEN).

A blackout-free Mother’s Day

The National Electricity Union (UNE) confirmed in the last hour that the plan for Sunday had been fulfilled. A power outage did not occur in Cuba during Mother’s Day due to a lack of production capacity.

Good news was revealed this weekend when four units of the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Thermoelectric Company of Cienfuegos were synchronized with SEN. Undoubtedly, energy stability will now be achieved and capacity needs to be created to cover the demand.

The unit has a generating capacity of 158 MW, above all, a significant amount for the central part of the country. Due to the poor condition of the boiler, the maintenance work is very complicated. Another essential aspect of the job is the recovery of an out-of-service regenerative air heater. At the time of closure of the plant, its electricity capacity was only 50 MW.

Maintenance work was completed in 81 days. During that period, the bushings of the water circulation pumps were restored. Likewise, the mechanical structure of the rings and the treatment of the coolants were fixed. Finally, the burners were rehabilitated in a capital way.

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