Wave of stone attacks in Carretera Central: “Police for pleasure”

Central Highway of Cuba As a social media user condemned, it is becoming an unsafe route for commuters, especially on sections with pavements in poor condition.

“Attention drivers. If you travel on the central highway, be careful in the area of ​​the causeway in front of Vado del Yeso in Granma. They attack. They robbed me and 7 other cars within an hour. They robbed me and stoned my car. Police for happiness”, reported a user identified as Michael Londres Facebook.

Screenshot Facebook / Bus & Truck Accidents

In a post published in the ‘Bus & Truck Accidents’ group. For more experience and less victims!’, the driver shared a photo of a car’s rear window – a Hyundai brand – smashed by stones.

“The police are there to fine and harass banana and butter sellers. Of those issues, there are none,” he commented in a release. Other users agreed with his opinion in the comments.

This is not the first time that Cubans have condemned attacks on Cuban highways on social networks, many of them with violent methods that endanger the lives of those traveling on them.

At the end of April, Cuban Yanilexis Lezcano warned about this Car theft on highways in eastern Cuba And he assured that these are not isolated cases. In a Facebook post, Lezcano explained the alleged car theft in the city of Guamaro.

According to him, the robbed persons were traveling in a tourist car and inside the vehicle were all their belongings, documents, phones, briefcases and other items.

“When they went to the bathroom, the keys were left inside the car. And two tourist cars appeared there, and a person got out of them and stole them. This is very careful with the people inside (from the vehicles). Then, in the best cases, they throw them on the road to damage them,” he said.

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In early July, Tourist rental car stolen in Holguin CityOn the road to Kibara, after its driver got off, a couple of thieves fled for a moment.

The peculiarity of the case is that the driver of the vehicle clings to the windshield to prevent theft, and according to many, in pure movie style, the driver clings to the car and the car spins during a segment. Witnesses.

Another tourist car was stolen along the Kibara highwayIn Holguin, in the same area where they picked up the vehicle from the previous case.

The alleged theft of a TUR with license plate T030534 (white Hyundai Grand i10) was posted on the Facebook page ‘Cazador, Cazado’, one of several profiles linked to the Cuban Ministry of Interior. of the police before the wave of insecurity prevailing on the island.

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